The Dewans


Raashi’s dance performance

India 2007/2008Bombay, Delhi, Meerut

Thanksgiving 2007 – Includes trip up to the Baltimore Aquarium, Dino Land in VA

November 2007 – Trip to NJ to visit Makkers; includes a trip to Winter Wonderland in Pennsylvania

Diwali 2007 – Diwali Dinner with friends

October 2007 – London/Portsmouth/Windsor/London [UK]

August 2007Montreal and Quebec City [Canada]; Boston, MA

July 2007 – Mixed set of pictures from Raashi’s test (another one), moving up ceremony (leaving KG for 1st grade)

May 2007 – Trip to New York City

April 2007 – Trip to Puerto Rico, and some blossoms at home

March 2007 – Large collection of photos covering New Years’, Raashi’s birthday, Karate Belt test, trip to Pittsburgh

January 2007 – Photos from Dec trip to NYC. Yeh, the labeling is a bit off, but oh well.

Older Albums -

  • Rohan - March, 2004 - Some pictures of Rohan (finally).
  • May 2004 - A large set (49) of pictures from the last couple months. Lots of folks were complaining that I wasn't updating photos of Rohan, so here you are.
  • June 2004 - Set of photos from June 2004. This includes Shamita's birthday, a trip to Great Falls, MD, and our trip to Outer Banks, NC.
  • October 2004 - Long awaited pictures from the last few months. Just never got around to uploading them.
  • March 2005 - Trying to get back in the mode of uploading photos regularly. These are from the last few months, including birthdays for both kids.
  • August 2005 - It has been too long since the last time I uploaded any pictures. This set covers a lot of months, and includes spring, summer trip to OBX, Boston, etc. The last few pictures were Raashi going click-crazy at Abhijit's wedding in Boston.
  • October 2005 - Large set of photos, including badi dadi's visit.
  • March 2006 – Set of photos including the holidays, and pictures from the start of the year
  • March 2006 - 2nd Album – Photos from trip down to Miami, FL and Rohan's 2nd Birthday.
  • December 2006 – I think pictures from around Diwali, Halloween, belt test, etc.
  • July 2006
  • August 2006
  • October 2006